Is your organization fostering
the right culture?

88% of executives say no.


The Circle of Leadership


By intentionally leveraging culture, you can inspire action through a compelling mission statement, vision statement, and core values.


Prioritizing people begins with hiring, diversity, equity, inclusion, and retention. Leaders often fail to strategically slow down the hiring process to get to know candidates better.


The power of process begins with planning. Strategic thinking when it comes to training & development, delegation, and accountability can lead to higher levels of productivity and employee engagement.

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Andrew Adeniyi’s (Ah-Dae-Nee-Yi) He/Him:

Andrew is a first-generation Nigerian American from South Bend, Indiana who provides business strategy, workplace culture, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consulting and speaking services to small businesses and non-profits.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Bloomington. He then went on to complete his Master of Science from Michigan State University in Management, Strategy & Leadership. The Muma College of Business at The University of South Florida is where Andrew received a certificate in DEI in the Workplace.

With over 10 years of executive level management experience, Andrew has helped dozens of clients improve their employee engagement and create a sense of belonging within their organizations.

Andrew currently resides just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and three kids and published his first book titled The Circle of Leadership in Summer 2020. The book serves as an entrepreneurial framework on how to create and leverage culture.

Author | Consultant | Keynote Speaker

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Amplify Purpose

-Cultivating & Leveraging Culture
-Employee Engagement
-Aligning Mission
-Crafting Vision
-Core Values

Develop People

-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
-Performance Management

Simplify Process

-Training & Development
-Organizational Change Management
-Strategic Planning

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Circle of Leadership


"Andrew is a rising star in the culture and leadership space. Our company hired Andrew to share insights on building a better culture of leadership at the Morales Group Inc. He provided high value to the team and I look forward to soaking up more of his content in the future."

Seth Morales

CEO, Morales Group Inc.

“The Circle of Leadership brings attention to the most powerful lever an executive can pull to improve organizational performance – culture. Readers learn how to multiply productivity, increase engagement, and uplift humanity through their own leadership. It’s a phenomenal read!”

Philip T. Powell, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Associate Clinical Professor of Business Economics
Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

“If you are looking to set your organization apart, take it to the next level or a struggling CEO, The Circle of Leadership knocks it out of the park with bases loaded with clear and concise guidance.”

Kareemah Fowler

CFO of The South Bend School Corporation

"The Circle of Leadership is a fresh and unexpected approach to challenges leaders face in management, entrepreneurship, diversity, inclusion, and leadership. The book is rich with examples, giving the reader a well-organized approach with interesting stories, examples, metrics and timely and tangible solutions."

Eric Love

Director of Diversity and Inclusion 
University of Notre Dame

"The Circle of Leadership provides an approachable, actionable framework to put your people first while building a culture that produces transformational results now and years down the road."

Andy Burkemper, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Coker University

"Andrew does an excellent job in bringing together his professional experience, field research and the expert opinions of practitioners to guide the reader through the journey of understanding why culture is important, to creating and maintaining the right culture in an organization."

Fred Nwanganga, Ph.D.

Professor of Business Analytics
University of Notre Dame

“I have always admired Andrew's discipline, drive and commitment to education. This book is the perfect example of Andrew making his dreams a reality through consistent hard work to share his knowledge and understanding of the importance of culture in every organization.”

Kaley DeVries

Director of Real Estate
ALDI Foods

"This book is an encyclopedia of information that leverages some of the brightest business minds to give you a simple toolkit to think through in your day to day work."

Michael Brown

Director Strategic Sourcing, Land Of Lakes, Inc.

"Andrew is a practiced professional with an eye for details. This book is a showcase, offering a refreshing view on leveraging culture in organizations."

Ross Stuckey

Accounting Officer
NAVSEA Warfare Center Headquarters

“Andrew is an impactful educator and advocate for personal growth impacting the community when it comes to DEI work.  Through his program facilitation, he creates a shared understanding of DEI language, sets up an environment for learning, reminders everyone that there are opportunities for growth, and most importantly empowers participants to leave with a commitment to continue their DEI journey.  Through lecture, discussion, personal reflection, and goal setting attendees leave with a deeper understanding of DEI and a passion to go out and make a difference in their areas of influence.”

Diana Coyle

Executive Director
Hamilton County Leadership Academy


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